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Advanced Excel for Finance Course Curriculum

Module - 1

Introduction to Excel

  • Introduction to cells, rows , tabs , ribbons, sheets etc.
Module - 2

Formatting and Presentation

  • Data Cleansing
  • Colouring, Bordering and Cell Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting of Cells
Module - 3

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Extensive coverage of Keyboard shortcuts to completely weed out the usage of mouse while working on excel
Module - 4

Excel Formulas

  • Mathematical Formulas such as Sum, Count, Average, Median, filter, Max, Min, Sort, Advance filters, Transpose, Arrays etc.
Module - 5

Excel Functions

  • IF, SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s), AVERAGEIF(s), Rank of numeric and alphanumerics, CAGR - Annual, Monthly & Daily data
  • Multiple IFs, IF or, IF and or
  • Chronological Functions such as TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, DAY and DATE, EOMONTH and EDATE
  • TEXT functions, CONCATENATE, Cell freezing
  • Vlookup, Example of Vlookup + CAGR, Usage of exact range, approximate range
  • INDEX, OFFSET with granular understanding , combination of INDEX and OFFSET
  • Advance Usage of Vlookup, introduction match formula, limitation of Vlookup, using a combination of Vlookup +Match, Introduction to Hlookup, combination of Hlookup and Match
  • Advance complexity of Index and Offset in mathematical functions
  • Complex Usage of Vlookup + Match, Hlookup + Match
Module - 6

Charts and Graphs

  • Basic Charting Rules of Bar Chart, Making chart with Secondary axis + Cheat sheet for revision
  • Basic Dynamic charting, making Dynamic Doughnut chart using scroller showing product wise sales for multiple years.
  • SAdvance Level Dynamic Charting, Comparing Industry with company products through dynamic charting, use of scroller to control Visible Financial data.
Module - 7

Building Interactive Dashboards

  • Basic Dashboards for showing financial data dynamically through charting, rebasing of stock price data for parity and comparison.
  • Advance Dashboards and use conditional formatting to get the desired results for a blunt data pull
Module - 8

Financial Data Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis of Revenue and Cost
  • EMI Calculation
  • Introduction to developer tab
  • Goal seek
  • Use of scroller
  • What if Analysis
  • Basic and Advanced usage of Pivot Tables
Module - 9

Filtering and Organization

  • Data Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Tabulation
  • Data Validation
Module - 10

Financial Applications

  • IRR, NVP, XIRR, MIRR, PMT, effect
  • How to calculate depreciation, interest etc. using Excel
  • Financial Decision making using Data Tables
Additional Module (Only Avaialble in Seperate Course Varient)

VBA & Macros

  • VBA Macros Overview
  • Macro Recorder
  • Getting started with sub-procedure
  • Ways to run sub-procedure
  • Creating a user-defined function
  • Nested Conditions
  • Learning Loops
  • Protecting Codes With Password
  • Event-Triggered Codes
  • Export or Import VBA Codes
  • VBA MCQ Quiz
  • Practice Files for VBA & Macros
  • Learning to get Stock Prices In Excel
  • VBA Practice Questions with Solutions


Showcase your expertise with The WallStreet School's widly acclaimed and industry recognized certification.

Advanced Excel Trainers

Our MS Excel Training is conducted by experts who themselves have been into Finance industry for the past 15 Years.

CA Himanshu Jain

Director- ARC Financial Services
Managing Director, The Wall Street School
Ex: McKinsey, PwC


CA Manoj Goel

Director - ARC Financial Services
Co-Founder, The Wall Street School
Ex: Goldman Sachs, Times Private Equity


Fees and Enrollment

The course is meant for all the candidates who want to hone their Excel skills, specifically to make an entry into Core Finance Job roles. On successful completion of the course, candidates will be certified from The Wall Street School.

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6 Month Validity


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