VC or Venture Capitals funds are getting a lot of traction these days in the startup world. If you have worked in any startup and if you have come across the business functioning of startups whether in India or abroad, I’m sure you might have heard of this term.

Venture capitals play a pivotal role in startup ecosystem. They provide the funding support, technical know-how and operational efficiency to startups which are either burning cash (making losses) or looking to grow.

Usually people misunderstand between Private Equity funds and Venture Capital Funds but there is a lot of difference in the both. Private equity funds generally lend to companies which are already profitable, acquired a decent market share and looking for further expansion or growth.

On the other hand, Venture Capital funds lend to smaller and growing companies which are at a nascent stage and making considerable revenues. They might or might not be profitable but the companies has potential to grow faster in future.

Here in this article, I will be listing the details of various Venture Capital Funds in India which are active and predominantly investing in the emerging startups 

List of VC Firms actively investing in India

1. Sequoia Capital:

Sequoia Capital is an American Venture Capital fund. The fund has been founded in 1972 and is headquartered in California. It is actively involved in investing across sectors and is currently managing a corpus USD 1.4 trillion.

  • India Office: Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai
  • Sector Focus: Energy, Financial, Enterprise, Healthcare, Internet, and Mobile Startups
  • Ticket Size: Early Stage- USD 1- 10 Million 
  • Growth Stage- USD 10- 100 Million
  • Website:

2. Jungle Ventures:

Founded in 2012, Jungle Ventures is a Singapore based Venture Capital fund that invest and help startups to build tech and grow in Asia. It invests in seed and early stage capital and has already made investments in countries like US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India etc.

  • Office: Singapore
  • Sector Focus: E-Commerce, FinTech, Marketplace, Media and Entertainment, SaaS, Software
  • Ticket Size: Early Stage- USD 5- 15 Million 
  • Website:

3. Accel Partners:

Founded in 1983, Accel Partners is another American Venture Capital Fund. It funds startups by the way of seed capital, early stage and growth stage investments.

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Internet and Consumer Services, Infrastructure, Cloud -Enabled Services, Mobile and Software
  • Ticket Size: USD 0.5- 50 Million 
  • Website:

4. Nexus Venture Partners:

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in California, United Stated, Nexus Venture Partners technology and consumer focused venture fund largely investing in early stage and growth stage companies.  

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Mobile, Data Security, Big Data analytics, Infrastructure, Cloud, Storage, Internet, Rural Sector, Outsourced Services, Agribusiness, Energy, Media, Consumer and Business services, Technology
  • Ticket Size: USD 0.5- 10 Million 
  • Website:

5. Helion Venture Partner:

Founded in 2006, Helion Venture Partners is an India focused tech fund investing in technology and consumer startups. It invests in seed, early stage, late stage and growth companies. Till now, it has investment over USD 600 million capital and has made over 25 exists out of the total investments.

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Technology and technology-powered businesses such as e-Commerce, Online services, Mobility, Enterprise Software and Outsourcing
  • Ticket Size: USD 2- 10 Million 
  • Website:

6. Chiratae Ventures:

Founded in 2006, Chiratae Ventures was earlier knows as IDG Ventures. It is an India focused technology led venture fund. It has invested in over 80 companies with a total investment of over USD 700 Million. It has also made a successful exit from 20+ companies till date.

  • India Office: Bengaluru, Delhi (Aerocity)
  • Sector Focus: Consumer, Software, Fin-tech, Health-tech 
  • Ticket Size: USD 1- 10 Million 
  • Website:

7. Saif Partners:

Founded in 2001, Saif Partners is one of the leading Venture Capital and growth funds of India. It is headquartered in both China (Hong Kong) and India (Bengaluru). It has funded over 100 companies and currently managing over USD 4 billion amount worth of assets. 

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Consumer, education, Enterprise Tech, Finance, Healthcare, Industries, It sector and Logistics 
  • Ticket Size: Flexible ticket size 
  • Website:

8. Kalaari Capital:

Founded in 2011, Kaalari Capital is a India’s leading venture capital fund investing in technology related companies. They have invested a total amount of around USD 160 million in various technology oriented companies. 

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Consumer Tech, Enterprise tech. Health Tech, Fin Tech, Supply Chain & Logistics  
  • Ticket Size: USD 1- 5 Million 
  • Website:

9. Ivy Cap Ventures:

Founded in 2011, Ivy Cap Ventures follows a unique entrepreneur’s centric investment approach wherein they focus on funding highly professional entrepreneurs. Ivy Cap Ventures focuses to invest in early stage and growth stage companies.

10. Lightspeed Venture Partners:

Founded in 2000, Lightspeed Venture Partners is an American Venture capital fund focusing on early stage investments in Enterprise Tech and Consumer Tech Space

  • India Office: Bengaluru, Delhi (Aerocity)
  • Sector Focus: Enterprise Software, Software, Mobile
  • Ticket Size: USD 1- 25 Million 
  • Website:

11. Matrix Partners:

Founded in 1977, Matrix Partners is a California, US headquartered Venture Capital Fund. It invests in seed and early stage companies in US as well as India. It has invested over USD 4 Billion in over 100 companies till date and successfully made several exits.

  • India Office: Bengaluru 
  • Sector Focus: Internet, Consumer internet, E-commerce, Travel, Internet, Consumer Internet, E-commerce, Travel
  • Ticket Size: USD 0.15- 10 Million 
  • Website:

12. Bessemer Venture Partners:

Founded in 1911, Bessemer Venture Partners is a San Francisco based Venture Capital fund. It manages more than USD 4 billion of assets under management in over 130 companies around the world. It has successfully taken 125 exits till date.

  • India Office: Bengaluru
  • Sector Focus: Cyber Security, Financial Services, Mobile, Cleantech Cloud Computing
  • Ticket Size: USD 0.1- 66 Million 
  • Website:

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