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CIMA® Exam Result

Success is never by mere chance. It is the result of team work of students and TWSS. A culmination and combination of extreme hard work, discipline, focus, tests, retests, rerevising, perseverence and commitment by students and faculty combined. Success tastes sweet like this for students and for TWSS !!

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CIMA® Exam Result

Over the past decade, our CIMA coaching has been able to maintain a high passing rate of more 80%. Given below are our students who are a testimony to the quality of our training.

Arvind Sharma

(Rank 2nd in India)
Amit Sir has a wealth of experience in teaching management subjects. He is not only a great teacher but a mentor as well. He amends the teaching style and pace as per the students and always shares an unbiased opinion. He will motivate you until the last day of the exam and give you the confidence to pass which helps a lot. I have taken classes for CIMA will highly recommend to any student. He has a funny bone too

Akshit Oswal

(CIMA Rank Holder)I have been in touch with Amit Sir since more than 2 years now and all the guidance he has provided me in this period has helped me immensely in completing CIMA exams and choosing the right steps ahead to help me grow in my career. I am really thankful that I found a mentor who is always there to help and guide me and who has a wide band of knowledge of the industry
-Rank 2 in CIMA BA3 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting.
-Rank 5 in CIMA BA4 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law.
-Rank 5 in CIMA F1 Financial Reporting and Taxation.

Raghu M.

(7th Rank Worldwide, 1st Rank India)
Words such as commitment, passion to the industry, knowledge, all describe Amit Jugia sir. He is very encouraging and I believed I could achieve anything. I feel we have gone on a circle of learning, gaining knowledge on the practical front and they prompted and encouraged us with constant praise, always available and extremely supportive. They helped us figure out what, how & when to study to get the rank and best possible score. Because of them I got 7th Rank Globally in Management Gateway and distinction in Strategic level exams. They focused on ensuring cent percent performance from a candidate, no matter what your education background and where you come from. They gave personal attention to each student academically. Not only they are theoretical but also experiential by sharing personal industrial experiences in the class that we were able to learn so much more than just what was written on the paper.
Personally I was very impressed with the quality of the teaching, material provided to us and of course an interaction between students and faculty was excellent in class which creates very interactive study atmosphere. I have enjoyed studying at the Institute during my weekend life which was very insightful and fulfilling.

Gayatri Iyer

(Rank 1st in India)
I completed my CIMA Qualification with the support of the team easily and moreover, I was able to get an Indian Rank as well. Their structured approach helped me a lot to get a Rank despite of being hospitalized just two weeks before the exam. Continuous practice and mocks really changes the results from being just pass to a rank.

Akanksha sharma

Before I met Akhil for my CIMA coaching classes, I did not believe in the concept of having a Coach and Mentor for myself. However, within a span of 6 months, I have experienced how a coach can maneuver and transform your career in the right direction.
He has not only pushed me beyond my limits but has also held me accountable to all actions that I had committed to take.
Akhil and his rich professional experience has helped me in several ways, Be it the power of using LinkedIn, building an effective resume, preparing for a job interview.
Not only does he have vast knowledge and experience but his coaching techniques are simple, practical and very effective.
I would like to express my sincere Gratitude to Akhil for being my mentor and help me uplift my career.

Nishtha Bhatt

I have known sir for almost 7 years now, in these 7 years he has always been my go-to person, and my confidant.
Akhil sir is not only my coach, mentor, but also a great friend. My relation with him started when I was a college second year student, and he was my mentor for CIMA. It was so easy to relate to the management concepts at that age with his teaching techniques.
He also gave me an opportunity to work under his leadership in British Council Management Services as an intern. I have always adored and tried to implement the way he managed things with a smile, and a never give up attitude.
Akhil sir’s method of explaining things through his personal experience is what I like the most. His personal experiences and lessons have made him the great leader he is today, and he ensures to share his lessons with others to help them grow into a better person and professional.
It’s true that a great achiever is inspired by a great mentor, and I couldn’t agree more. He has always helped and guided me to become the person and professional I am today. I always look up to him for inspiration and motivation. I owe it all to you sir! Thankyou 🙂

Alisha Rathore

Mr. Akhil Iyer has been a great mentor to me and it was fantastic to have had the opportunity to learn with and from him. Possessing abundance of knowledge and exceptional expertise in training young minds, he surely leads by example. As a coach, mentor or story teller, Mr. Iyer has my highest and best recommendation.

Sameep D D

We meet thousands of people every day, but only some them leave a mark eternally and one of them Is Akhil Iyer! “Insanely efficient” is a phrase that comes to my mind when I talk about him. I had a pleasure of interacting and learning so many things during my association with him to clear my CIMA Strategic Case study exams during the year 2020. He can offer vast pool of practical knowledge required to achieve these feet, make even a layman understand the concepts in-depth through his real-life examples. Another one off his traits that I personally feel makes him what he is, is a calm and an innovative mind which has helped me think very differently for an interview for one of the largest companies in the world. He is a living example I can think of is his ability to do things differently and that too with severe time constraints. Thank you Coach!

Vandana Butani

The session conducted by Akhil Iyer, on the subject of The Art of Cracking Interviews is one of the best sessions that I have come across. Akhil’s knowledge on the topic is very vast and deep. His experiences during the journey of his corporate career gave us valuable lessons. He presented the subject matter very well through some of the most practical ideas and concepts. Also, the personality test gave us insight into our own strengths and weaknesses.
I recommend this session to all the young and aspiring professionals who have a fear of cracking interviews. This is also for all the experienced professionals who have a zeal and thirst for knowledge and excellence
Thank You, Akhil for making this a very successful and a fruitful discussion for us. Looking forward to many more such events in the coming future

Rohit Kharbanda

Akhil is someone who wears multiple hats and transitions from one role to another very smoothly. I first met him as my coach for CIMA preparation and the way he steered my learning curve, the complete course seemed like an easy battle. He infused confidence, skill and attitude to nail the exams in me with his continuous conversations around how I should keep my eye on the target and focus on my plan. Even during this journey and after completion of the course as well, he maintained a level of friendship. He has this ability to create a comfort zone when he is around that you can approach him for anything and everything.
Akhil is a thorough professional and a great mentor to have. His contribution to the society through his charitable Hridaya Foundation is also commendable.

Sunil Sharma

I will like to thank Mr Amit Jugia for his support, guidance and encouragement to do my CIMA course. I really appreciate his technical skills, knowledge and passion of teaching. Amit listen to each query very carefully with patience and provide quick resolution to it. I think his guidance can really boost my career and will have a huge impact in my success story. Amit is great source of knowledge and enlightenment by which anybody can be benefited. I truly appreciate time spent by him in guiding me and encouraging me to achieve my goal. MANY THANKS for all your efforts sir. Regards Sunil Sharma

Gargie Singh

(Rank 1st in India)
Learning was a wonderful experience with eminent teachers who were particularly cordial. I cleared all my CIMA exams in first attempt and held 2nd position in Performance Operations, all because of remarkable efforts of the teachers. I am deeply grateful for their support throughout my association with them.

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