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    CPA Course Overview

    Best Financial Modeling and Valuation Program

    Want to master a career in accounting and finance? The Certified Public Accountant course (CPA) is the most revered accounting course in the world. Covering a diverse set of subjects and international outlook makes it acceptable in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

    Becoming a CPA can make you employable not only in India but also internationally in high-paying jobs. If you want to work in leading corporates in the world like Moody’s, Big 4, JP Morgan, etc., the CPA course can be your license.

    What is the CPA Course?

    CPA (Certified Public Accountant course) is an accounting certification carried out by the US-based AICPA (American Institute of CPAs). Being an international course, you can appear in the CPA exams from various countries of the world, including India.

    As the course tests you on diverse topics, it is important to prepare for the exams with CPA coaching. The subjects covered in CPA exams and their weights are:

    SectionsMCQsTask-Based SimulationsWritten Communications
    Auditing & Attestation (AUD)50%50%NA
    Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)50%35%15%
    Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)50%50%NA
    Regulations (REG)50%50%NA

    You have to clear all these exams within 18 months. The TWSS CPA course provides extensive preparation with benefits like: 

    Why Choose The Wall Street School for CPA Course? (Essential Features)​

    Placement Assistance

    We provide 100% placement assistance to our CPA students. We’ve a track record of 4,500+ placements in Accounting & Finance Profiles

    Exhaustive Prep Material

    With 250+ Hours of Content per part including HOCK International Study Material and several mock tests, no other preparation is required apart from our study material

    Training By Rankholders

    Our trainers are CA, CIMA and CPA Rankholders with more than a decade of experience in training and mentoring the students of CPA course.

    Pass Assurance

    If you commit to us, we make sure to be with you throughout all the failures or doubts whenever they occur, until you clear exams

    Practical Learning Methods

    We make sure you retain the learnings by using practical and real life examples

    Success based Fees

    We only charge the placement fee when you get placed through us and get accept the offer from our corporate network of 250+ firms

    Skill Based Training

    Our trainers are ex-industry veterans with decades of experience. We train the students with the core practical skills, for getting them job ready

    LMS + App Access

    Our curriculum is available on demand on our LMS which can be accessed through any computer or our apps available on both Android and iOS platforms

    CPA Eligibility​ For CPA Exams:

    • For CPA Exams:
      • 120 Credits
      • Decided by 55 State Boards of Accountancy
      • Based on Foreign academic credential evaluation
    • For CPA License:
      • 150 Credits
      • Earn within 3 years of clearing all exams
      • Fulfill 4 Es – Examinations, Education, Experience & Ethics examination

    Min Passing score: 75 on a scale of 0-99
    Pass Rate: Between 40 to 50% Globally
    Exam windows: CPA Exams are conducted throughout the year

    Your CPA Journey:

    Following are usual steps in a Candidate’s CPA journey:

    • Check the Eligibility for writing the exam with one of 55 Jurisdictions/State Boards;
    • NASBA’s (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy’s) IES (International Evaluation Services) to carry out the evaluation of Educational Credentials / documents;
    • Submit your exam application with AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants);
    • Prepare for CPA Papers;
    • Receive the Notice to Schedule (NTS);
    • Schedule the paper/s in one of the authorized prometric centres;
    • Clear all papers within 18 months from clearing 1st paper;
    • Write the ethics exam after passing all papers;
    • Fulfill the requirement of work experience;
    • Apply for License

    Placement Assistance

    TWSS Provides placement assistance to all the eligible candidates. The candidates who are confident to take up the interviews are facilitated for the interviews.

    We have a success based model. We charge a ‘Placement Success Fees’ of Rs. 75,000 once the candidate gets Placed through us and Accepts the offer.

    CPA Course Duration

    The AICPA adopts a flexible exam format for the CPA course. This means that students can attempt the 4 CPA exams over 18 months. Also, the AICPA exam calendar runs throughout the year. So, you can attempt the exams as and when you feel prepared. 

    The TWSS CPA coaching aims to prepare you not only to excel in the exams but also to become ready for any financial job. For this, we train you in live classes about the theory as well as practical job skills. 

    What do you get from the TWSS CPA course?

    • Preparatory material and superior notes for all exams prepared by experienced faculty members
    • 250+ hours of live training for each exam (1000+ hours in total)
    • Skill-based learning to make you job-ready
    • 12 mock tests valid throughout the CPA course duration
    • Placement Assistance

    Watch CFA Level 1 Related videos on our Youtube Channel

    CPA Course Details or Course Syllabus (Curriculum)

    What is CPA?

    • Conceptual Framework, Standard Setting and Presentation of Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement Accounts – Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures
    • Specific Transactions, Events and Disclosures – Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures
    • Government Accounting and Reporting, Not for Profit (non-governmental), Accounting and Reporting
    Exam 2 Pattern: 4 Hour Exam : 66 MCQs (50% Weightage) + 9 Short Task Based Simulations (50% Weightage) 200 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice
    • Conceptual Framework, Standard Setting and Presentation of Financial Statements
    • Financial Statement Accounts – Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures
    • Specific Transactions, Events and Disclosures – Recognition, Measurement, Valuation, Calculation, Presentation and Disclosures
    • Government Accounting and Reporting, Not for Profit (non-governmental), Accounting and Reporting

    Exam 3 Pattern:
    4 Hour Exam : 76 MCQs (50% Weightage) + 9 Short Task Based Simulations (50% Weightage)
    250 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    • Ethics, Professional and Legal Responsibilities
    • Business Law
    • Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting and Planning
    • Federal Taxation of Individuals
    • Federal Taxation of Entities

    Exam 4 Pattern:
    4 Hour Exam : 62 MCQs (50% Weightage) + 5 Short Task Based Simulations (50% Weightage) + Written Communication (15% Weightage)
    200 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    • Corporate Governance
    • Economic Concepts and Analysis
    • Financial Management
    • Information Systems and Communications
    • Strategic Planning
    • Operations Management

    Job Opportunities after the CPA Classes

    After getting your CPA certification, you can easily apply for jobs across the globe in many reputed companies. These companies hire competent young professionals for high-paying jobs and challenging roles. Here are some of the top companies you can work with after completing the CPA course:

    • Big 4 (Deloitte, EY, KPMG & PWC)
    • BlackRock
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Morgan & Stanley
    • S&P
    • Moody’s
    • Large Banks

    With the CPA course certification, you can get into the following roles:

    1. Financial Planning & Budget Management
    2. Financial Reporting
    3. Financial Analysis & Advisor
    4. Forensic Accounting
    5. Auditing
    6. Tax Consulting
    7. Risk Management
    8. Wealth Management
    9. Government and business-related roles

    *As you grow in your experience, you can take up more challenging roles with higher salaries.

    Here are the prestigious companies our Alumni work with

    Financial Modeling and Valuations Certification

    Once candidates are through with the FMVA Training, Candidates get certificate from The Wall Street School in Financial Modeling and Valuations. Certification from The Wall Street School is a revered Certificate in the Finance Industry recognized by Many Corporate and Financial Institutions. Sample Certificate is attached for reference

    Why the CPA Course? (Why Pursue CPA?)

    Why pursue CPA?​

    • Exam 1 Pattern:
      4 Hour Exam : 66 MCQs (50% Weightage) + 9 Short Task Based Simulations (50% Weightage)
      250 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    Online Classes Duration

    Our CPA Program not only prepares a student for CPA exam, but also makes them Job ready by giving training for skills like Financial Modeling, Valuations, Stock Market Research, Excel etc.

    Students also get Job opportunities in Accounting and consulting firms through the placement network of The Wallstreet School.

    Duration & Fees for Classroom/Live Batches
    Fees for Live CPA Training₹ 1,00,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)
    Fees for Live CPA + Finanical Modeling Training₹ 1,20,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

    Finance Education. Reimagined.

    Trusted by a Hundred Thousand+ Students, Professionals & Leading Organizations

    Learn from Experienced Finance Professionals

    Financial Modeling and Valuations Certification training is conducted by Full Time industry experts who have themselves worked in major Investment Banks, consulting private equity and equity research firms.

    Hear from our students

    Explore firsthand accounts of student experiences. Hear their stories, triumphs, and insights that make our community exceptional. Real voices, real impact.

    As a CA dropout who had interest in finance & want to pursue a career in it but didn’t know where to start with, The Wall street school’s Investment banking program : Financial modeling & Valuation Course was the best choice I made, All the faculties are really professional & the case studies , financial models, valuations we did were as per industry standards, This Course has marked a new beginning to my career as it’s placement helped me get the job role I desired.

    Soumya Jaiswal Placement: USP House - Investment Banking analyst

    I had an exceptional experience at TWSS during my FMV courses. The faculty’s expertise and teaching methods were top-notch, providing a comprehensive understanding of complex financial concepts. One of the highlights was the workshop on valuation techniques, which not only provided valuable insights but also served as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking. TWSS’s placement cell was instrumental in securing placements for many candidates, and their support extended beyond initial placement, which is truly commendable. I am grateful to TWSS for helping me kickstart my career in Investment Banking.

    CA Himanshu Hemant Placement: IAPL-KW Capital Advisors LLP

    TWSS helped me finding the way in the world of finance in which I am having keen interest in learning and exploring the way how things work. It was a great learning experience for me. Every teacher here is experienced and expert in imparting the knowledge to the students, Manoj sir and Himanshu sir were of great help during the course and placement. I am grateful for their support and mentorship.

    Jaspreet Kaur Placement: Infra Advisors, Assistant Manager

    This course was instrumental in securing my placement. It provided a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, practical applications, and industry insights. The hands-on projects enhanced my skills, making me well-prepared for the competitive corporate world. Thank you so much to the team for guidance throughout in navigating the placement process. The team’s insights and support have been invaluable, and I truly appreciate the time and expertise. Grateful for your assistance in shaping my career path. Overall, a highly recommended investment in both knowledge and career advancement.

    Pashmeen Kaur Placement : IDFC First Bank-Credit Analys

    Throughout my journey with TWSS, I have been continuously impressed by the depth and breadth of the curriculum, as well as the dedication and expertise of the instructors. The hands-on approach to learning, combined with real-world case studies and practical exercises, has allowed me to develop a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation.Moreover, the supportive and collaborative learning environment at TWSS has fostered personal and professional growth, enabling me to challenge myself, expand my horizons, and push the boundaries of my capabilities

    Prajwal R Bharadwaj Placement: Adrasti - Investment Analyst

    My journey with The Wall Street School has been a transformative experience. Through their comprehensive financial modeling and valuation classes, I gained invaluable skills and knowledge that prepared me for the finance industry. Also the placement process is very smooth and transparent. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support provided by The Wall Street School.

    Sagar Rana Placement: FAB Analytics - Financial Analyst


    For writing CPA Exams, an aspirant needs 120 credit hours of education.  Further, an aspirant’s eligibility to appear for CPA exams is decided by one of the 55 State Boards of Accountancy which decides the eligibility based on Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation.

    However, to obtain a CPA License, an aspirant needs 150 credits.  Also, with 120 credits, an aspirant can start CPA and appear for all the exams.  However, an aspirant needs to earn a total of 150 credits within 3 years of clearing all exams.

    Usually, in India, a candidate who has done a professional qualification like CA or CMA India or who has done a post graduationi.e.MCom or MBA, are eligible to start writing CPA exams as they fulfill the requirement of obtaining 120 credits.  However, if in doubt, an aspirant can check his/her eligibility through NASBA’s International Evaluation Services (NIES).

    CPA tests an aspirant for the following exams:

    1. FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting);
    2. AUD (Auditing & Attestation);
    3. Regulation (REG);
    4. Business Environment & Concepts (BEC).

    CPA exams are a mix of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Short Task Based Simulations and written answers. Paper wise pattern for all 4 exams is as follows:




    Short Task Based Simulations

    Written Response Questions

    FAR (Financial Accounting and Reporting)

    66 Qs (50% Weightage)

    9 Qs (50% Weightage)


    AUD (Auditing & Attestation)

    66 Qs (50% Weightage)

    9 Qs (50% Weightage)


    Regulation (REG)

    76 Qs (50% Weightage)

    9 Qs (50% Weightage)


    Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)

    62 Qs (50% Weightage)

    5 Qs (35% Weightage)

    Written Communication (15% Weightage)

    Yes, an aspirant can now appear for all CPA exams in India as per their updated calendar in the following locations:

    • Ahmedabad
    • Bangalore
    • Kolkata
    • Chennai
    • Hyderabad
    • New Delhi and
    • Trivandrum

    CPA exams are conducted in testing windows.  Typically, testing months for CPA exams available to CPA aspirants are January-February, April-May, July-August and October-November.

    Yes, there is an additional cost of appearing for CPA exams in India.  At present, additional fees for all the 4 exams is around $1500 which is charged as International Testing Fees if an aspirant decides to appear for CPA exams outside the United States (US).  

    On an average, a sincere aspirant takes 18 to 24 months to complete CPA i.e. all 4 exams of CPA.

    CPA is a broad based qualification.  CPA members study Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing and Attestation, Regulation and Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) in detail during the course of their CPA Journey.  Through the knowledge gained, CPA members become ready to work in multiple areas/sub-areas of Financial Reporting, Auditing and Taxation.

    CPA members can join MNC organizations and Big 4 Consulting Firms as their team and work in these areas or they can start their own consulting practice in India.

    Salary package of a professional depends upon various factors apart from having a professional qualification like CPA or CA.  These factors could be prior experience, interpersonal skills, technical skills and knowledge of new age skills like Python, Tableau, SQL etc.

    Generally, a fresher CPA is able to fetch an average package of INR 8 to 10 lakhs in Big Four firms (viz. PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY).  Experienced candidates get an Average Package of INR 15 to 18 lakhs with 5 plus years of experience.  

    CPA is a tough qualification.  However, if you follow the right approach for preparation, practice well, give sufficient mock exams in the simulated environment then CPA exams will be easier to pass.  

    Every professional qualification is tough, so is CPA but with the flexibility an aspirant gets by giving exams one by one, it still is doable comfortably.  Self study by an aspirant also plays a major role in clearing CPA exams apart from taking guidance from your faculty/mentor, if any.

    CPA has got tremendous scope in India right now.  CPAs can work in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (US) profiles primarily.  Fresher CPAs are hired not only by Multinational Companies like American Express, Bank of America, Genpact, General Electric (GE) but also by all the Big Four Companies (viz. PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY).  CPAs are working for US MNCs and Indian MNCs alike.   CPAs are working in the same profiles and at the same positions as Indian CAs are working.  So, now, in terms of scope, it is apt to say that the scope of CPA in India is increasing exponentially and coming at par with Indian CA gradually.

    As a CPA member, apart from the recognition in the society, you have the following privileges/benefits which makes it a preferred choice:

    • CPAs have career opportunities in Big four consulting firms (viz. PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY) apart from top MNCs of the world;
    • A fresher CPA member enjoys an average salary package of INR 8 to 10 lakhs p.a. In India;
    • CPA members have the opportunity to become CPA Canada as well by fulfilling minimal requirements;
    • CPA members have scope in 100+ countries;
    • CPA is the professional body with maximum number of Chartered Accountants / CPAs in the world, so a great opportunity to network with such huge members base is there;
    • CPA is one of the most recognized Accounting Qualifications of the World; 

    Average CPA Salary

    If you work in India after completing the CPA course, you can easily expect an average salary between Rs. 7-9 Lakhs p.a. As you take up challenging tasks and grow in experience, your salary also grows.

    When it comes to working abroad, the CPA certification is acceptable in pretty much all countries. The salary of a CPA in the US is between $ 70,000 – 80,000 p.a.

    Job TitleSalary (INR)
    Financial Planner3 – 10 LPA
    Budget Manager10  – 20 LPA
    Accountant3 – 8 LPA
    Auditor5 – 20 LPA
    Financial Analyst5 – 12 LPA
    Investment Advisor5 – 12 LPA
    Tax Consultant5 – 10 LPA
    Risk Manager9 – 23 LPA
    Personal Financial Advisor5 – 20 LPA
    Government Advisor5 – 12 LPA
    Forensic Accountant5 – 12 LPA

    Comparison Between CA and CPA

    One of the most prestigious accounting courses in India is the Chartered Accountancy (by ICAI). However, many CAs who want to pursue a career abroad have to take up the CPA course. This is because of the international outlook and acceptability in over 150 countries. 

    While CA is a long and tedious course with a low passing rate (not more than 20% at all 3 levels), the CPA course is also popular for its shorter duration and higher passing rates (between 41-60%). Here are the key differences between the 2 courses:

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