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    Best Financial Modeling and Valuation Program

    You are an analyst or you are an associate. You are a working in finance or you are working in marketing or in supply chain or technology. You cannot just avoid working on excel. This is sort of a have must skill that seems easy but itsnot. Just like driving a car seems easy but till you have not done it you never have the confidence until you actually do it. Do you feel vulnerable of feeling left behind in today’s data driven world?

    Excel is Everywhere. Excel is not just a spreadsheet tool; it’s a powerhouse for data analysis, business modelling, robust analysis, decision making and much more. Whether you’re a student, a professional, an entrepreneur, or anyone in between, Excel is an indispensable skill that you need to have.

    Learning from scattered sources has its own set of limitations.  There is an overflow of information of excel teaching on YouTube. So much of overflow that you get bamboozled if this is really what you want(ed) to learn.

    Excel For Finance course by The Wall Street School is solution for that. It has been curated not for the purpose of giving another fancy youtuber feel but teaching you the practical application from the perspective of Finance.

    You learn excel shortcuts, you learn formulas which make the core of working and then use those formulas in multiple simulating exercises which help to give you a forever and lifelong confidence in Excel where you in you can do almost anything in Excel what you can think of and what you cannot think of also. You learn dashboard making, making some really cool charts with excel tricks. The course once completed will not only improve your efficiency and also give you the confidence of playing around and toying with the data the way you would want.  Our course is designed with real-world applications in mind. You’ll work on hands-on projects and case studies that mimic the challenges you’ll face in your career, ensuring you’re well-prepared for success.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life and career. Enroll in our Excel for Finance Course today and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential. Excel isn’t just a spreadsheet; it’s your gateway to success. Invest in yourself, invest in your future.

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    Essential Features

    World Class Trainers

    Course curriculum designed by Industry Experts

    Quiz & Assignments

    MCQ Test and Assignments after course completion

    Finance Specific Content

    Specifically designed for Finance Job Seekers

    Online & Offline streaming

    Offline video streaming in Mobile App

    Affordable Pricing

    Lowest Pricing in the market for the abundant content

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    Get certified after assessment completion

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    Microsoft Excel Eligibility

    Who can take up this course?

    Anyone and Everyone who can learn Excel. From School Kids to graduates to Post Graduates to CFO’s of the companies, all have ‘dirtied‘ their hands with The Excel for Finance Course By The Wall Street School. Many Top Corporate and Industrial houses uses the Excel Course of The Wall Street School to train their employees on Excel with an assurance of improved productivity and better analysis

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    Who is an Enrolled Agent (EA)

    An EA is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, US (IRS) by either passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test covering individual and business tax returns, or through experience as a former IRS employee. EA status is the highest credential the IRS awards.

    EAs, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights. This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before.

    Part 1 : Indviduals Exam
    Part 2 : Businesses
    Part 3 : Representation, Practices and Procedures
    Excel for Finance Course Curriculum

    Introduction to cells, rows , tabs , ribbons, sheets etc.

    • Data Cleansing
    • Colouring, Bordering and Cell Formatting
    • Conditional Formatting of Cells
    • Extensive coverage of Keyboard shortcuts to completely weed out the usage of mouse while working on excel
    • Mathematical Formulas such as Sum, Count, Average, Median, filter, Max, Min, Sort, Advance filters, Transpose, Arrays etc.
    • IF, SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s), AVERAGEIF(s), Rank of numeric and alphanumerics, CAGR – Annual, Monthly & Daily data
    • Multiple IFs, IF or, IF and or
    • Chronological Functions such as TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, DAY and DATE, EOMONTH and EDATE
    • TEXT functions, CONCATENATE, Cell freezing
    • Vlookup, Example of Vlookup + CAGR, Usage of exact range, approximate range
    • INDEX, OFFSET with granular understanding , combination of INDEX and OFFSET
    • Advance Usage of Vlookup, introduction match formula, limitation of Vlookup, using a combination of Vlookup +Match, Introduction to Hlookup, combination of Hlookup and Match
    • Advance complexity of Index and Offset in mathematical functions
    • Complex Usage of Vlookup + Match, Hlookup + Match
    • Basic Charting Rules of Bar Chart, Making chart with Secondary axis + Cheat sheet for revision
    • Basic Dynamic charting, making Dynamic Doughnut chart using scroller showing product wise sales for multiple years.
    • Advance Level Dynamic Charting, Comparing Industry with company products through dynamic charting, use of scroller to control Visible Financial data.
    • Basic Dashboards for showing financial data dynamically through charting, rebasing of stock price data for parity and comparison.
    • Advance Dashboards and use conditional formatting to get the desired results for a blunt data pull
    • Sensitivity Analysis of Revenue and Cost
    • EMI Calculation
    • Introduction to developer tab
    • Goal seek
    • Use of scroller
    • What if Analysis
    • Basic and Advanced usage of Pivot Tables
    • Data Sorting
    • Filtering
    • Tabulation
    • Data Validation
    • IRR, NVP, XIRR, MIRR, PMT, effect
    • How to calculate depreciation, interest etc. using Excel
    • Financial Decision making using Data Tables
    • VBA Macros Overview
    • Macro Recorder
    • Getting started with sub-procedure
    • Ways to run sub-procedure
    • Creating a user-defined function
    • Nested Conditions
    • Learning Loops
    • Protecting Codes With Password
    • Event-Triggered Codes
    • Export or Import VBA Codes
    • VBA MCQ Quiz
    • Practice Files for VBA & Macros
    • Learning to get Stock Prices In Excel
    • VBA Practice Questions with Solutions

    Fees and Enrollment

    The course is meant for all the candidates who want to hone their Excel skills, specifically to make an entry into Core Finance Job roles. On successful completion of the course, candidates will be certified from The Wall Street School.
    Duration & Fees

    Stock Market Coaching Trainers

    Here’s a peek into our elite list of stock market course trainers.

    Manoj Goel

    CA Manoj Goel

    Director ARC Financial Services and Promoter of The Wall Street School Ex: Goldman Sachs, Times Private Equityr
    Read More

    Himanshu Jain

    CA Himanshu Jain

    Director- ARC Financial Services and Promoter of The Wall Street School Ex: McKinsey, PwC

    Read More


    Once candidates are through with the FMVA Training, Candidates get certificate from The Wall Street School in Financial Modeling and Valuations. Certification from The Wall Street School is a revered Certificate in the Finance Industry recognized by Many Corporate and Financial Institutions. Sample Certificate is attached for reference

    Why the CPA Course? (Why Pursue CPA?)

    Why pursue CPA?​

    • Exam 1 Pattern:
      4 Hour Exam : 66 MCQs (50% Weightage) + 9 Short Task Based Simulations (50% Weightage)
      250 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    Online Classes Duration

    Our CPA Program not only prepares a student for CPA exam, but also makes them Job ready by giving training for skills like Financial Modeling, Valuations, Stock Market Research, Excel etc.

    Students also get Job opportunities in Accounting and consulting firms through the placement network of The Wallstreet School.

    Duration & Fees for Classroom/Live Batches
    Fees for Live Stock Market Training₹ 1,00,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)
    Fees for Live Stock Market + Finanical Modeling Training₹ 1,20,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

    Finance Education. Reimagined.

    Trusted by a Hundred Thousand+ Students, Professionals & Leading Organizations

    Learn from Experienced Finance Professionals

    Financial Modeling and Valuations Certification training is conducted by Full Time industry experts who have themselves worked in major Investment Banks, consulting private equity and equity research firms.

    Hear from our students

    Explore firsthand accounts of student experiences. Hear their stories, triumphs, and insights that make our community exceptional. Real voices, real impact.

    As a CA dropout who had interest in finance & want to pursue a career in it but didn’t know where to start with, The Wall street school’s Investment banking program : Financial modeling & Valuation Course was the best choice I made, All the faculties are really professional & the case studies , financial models, valuations we did were as per industry standards, This Course has marked a new beginning to my career as it’s placement helped me get the job role I desired.

    Soumya Jaiswal Placement: USP House - Investment Banking analyst

    I had an exceptional experience at TWSS during my FMV courses. The faculty’s expertise and teaching methods were top-notch, providing a comprehensive understanding of complex financial concepts. One of the highlights was the workshop on valuation techniques, which not only provided valuable insights but also served as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking. TWSS’s placement cell was instrumental in securing placements for many candidates, and their support extended beyond initial placement, which is truly commendable. I am grateful to TWSS for helping me kickstart my career in Investment Banking.

    CA Himanshu Hemant Placement: IAPL-KW Capital Advisors LLP

    TWSS helped me finding the way in the world of finance in which I am having keen interest in learning and exploring the way how things work. It was a great learning experience for me. Every teacher here is experienced and expert in imparting the knowledge to the students, Manoj sir and Himanshu sir were of great help during the course and placement. I am grateful for their support and mentorship.

    Jaspreet Kaur Placement: Infra Advisors, Assistant Manager

    This course was instrumental in securing my placement. It provided a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, practical applications, and industry insights. The hands-on projects enhanced my skills, making me well-prepared for the competitive corporate world. Thank you so much to the team for guidance throughout in navigating the placement process. The team’s insights and support have been invaluable, and I truly appreciate the time and expertise. Grateful for your assistance in shaping my career path. Overall, a highly recommended investment in both knowledge and career advancement.

    Pashmeen Kaur Placement : IDFC First Bank-Credit Analys

    Throughout my journey with TWSS, I have been continuously impressed by the depth and breadth of the curriculum, as well as the dedication and expertise of the instructors. The hands-on approach to learning, combined with real-world case studies and practical exercises, has allowed me to develop a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation.Moreover, the supportive and collaborative learning environment at TWSS has fostered personal and professional growth, enabling me to challenge myself, expand my horizons, and push the boundaries of my capabilities

    Prajwal R Bharadwaj Placement: Adrasti - Investment Analyst

    My journey with The Wall Street School has been a transformative experience. Through their comprehensive financial modeling and valuation classes, I gained invaluable skills and knowledge that prepared me for the finance industry. Also the placement process is very smooth and transparent. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support provided by The Wall Street School.

    Sagar Rana Placement: FAB Analytics - Financial Analyst

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, US (IRS).

    Enrolled Agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS (US).  EAs like attorneys and CPAs have unlimited practice rights.  This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices they can represent clients before.

    Anyone who wants to make a career in Taxation can take up this course.  For illustrative purposes, the following can apply to become an Enrolled Agent:

    • 12th Pass Outs from any stream;
    • Graduates, Post Graduates from any stream;
    • CA Intermediates;
    • CA, CS or CMA India

    This list is not exhaustive i.e. anyone can plan to make a career in this upcoming field.

    Scope of Enrolled Agents in India is increasing exponentially due to a lot of KPOs (Knowledge Process Outsourcing Units) which are working in the area of US Taxation.  

    Also, Enrolled Agent is completed in a very short span of time and that’s a blessing for the candidates and employers alike.  Candidates are getting job opportunities in Big four firms (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY) apart from other KPOs in India.

    Average cost of becoming an Enrolled Agent in India is roughly INR 50,000 without coaching and INR 100,000 with coaching.

    Average salary package of an Enrolled Agent candidate (fresher) is between INR 4 to 6 lakhs.

    Enrolled Agent exams are conducted online through the prometric centers.  Yes, an aspirant can give these exams from India as well.  In India, prometric centers are in Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore

    Enrolled Agents have got tremendous scope in India and US.  Enrolled Agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS (US) from any part of the world.  EAs like attorneys and CPAs have unlimited practice rights.  This means they are unrestricted as to which taxpayers they can represent, what types of tax matters they can handle, and which IRS offices (in all the US State Jurisdictions) they can represent clients before.

    You should choose EA as a career option if:

    • You wish to work with US based Multinationals in India or abroad e.g. Amazon;
    • You wish to work as Tax Practitioner with Big 4 Accounting Firms;
    • You want to expand practice to USA;
    • You want to work with taxation departments of BPOs and KPOs;
    • You want to work with Shared Service Centers and Finance & Accounts Companies;
    • You want to work with Indian companies with a presence in US e.g. Wipro, Infosys andReliancesto

    Average CPA Salary

    If you work in India after completing the CPA course, you can easily expect an average salary between Rs. 7-9 Lakhs p.a. As you take up challenging tasks and grow in experience, your salary also grows.

    When it comes to working abroad, the CPA certification is acceptable in pretty much all countries. The salary of a CPA in the US is between $ 70,000 – 80,000 p.a.

    Job TitleSalary (INR)
    Financial Planner3 – 10 LPA
    Budget Manager10  – 20 LPA
    Accountant3 – 8 LPA
    Auditor5 – 20 LPA
    Financial Analyst5 – 12 LPA
    Investment Advisor5 – 12 LPA
    Tax Consultant5 – 10 LPA
    Risk Manager9 – 23 LPA
    Personal Financial Advisor5 – 20 LPA
    Government Advisor5 – 12 LPA
    Forensic Accountant5 – 12 LPA

    Comparison Between CA and CPA

    One of the most prestigious accounting courses in India is the Chartered Accountancy (by ICAI). However, many CAs who want to pursue a career abroad have to take up the CPA course. This is because of the international outlook and acceptability in over 150 countries. 

    While CA is a long and tedious course with a low passing rate (not more than 20% at all 3 levels), the CPA course is also popular for its shorter duration and higher passing rates (between 41-60%). Here are the key differences between the 2 courses:

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