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Real Estate Model Objective

In this course, you will construct a model from scratch building assumptions for a real estate developer.How does a developer plan his cash inflows and outflows especially when the builder offers to sell the projects in tranches and receives money in instalments. The candidates will learn how to structure in Debt and equity at periodical time periods. At completion, you would have developed a complete dynamic real estate model from a builders perspective. You would have also learnt how management takes decision on a particular project with respect to pricing of a particular home so that the decision is in sync with the expecatations.

What Candidates Learn

  • What are the different types of Real Estate properties under
  • What does the cost of Property include
  • Revenue Drivers for a real estate builder
  • What are the different means of financing a property
  • What are the risks associated with a Project
  • Construction stages in Real Estate
  • Real Estate terms for all stages
  • Interpretation of Real Estate Terms
  • How does management take a decision for pricing a particular property
  • Scenario Manager to arrive at decision making

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