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Data Analytics and Visualization

Services We Offer

Client data collection, cleansing and reporting

An important first step is to ensure you have a reliable set of data for your organization, a “single point of truth.”  We leverage our tools and data management processes to cleanse data for back office and business unit functions.

We help can find significant near-term value by improving existing data collection and analysis processes. In most organizations, this is enough to enable better downstream processes. For other companies, this is a weeding of the garden prior to considering large IT implementations.

Data analytics

We help clients with one-time analyses and ongoing analytics in a range of areas such as: customer demographics, buying patterns, customer value, identifying cross-selling opportunities, and many others.

We have experts in Excel, PowerPivot and Tableau who can improve insights and present information via advanced data visualization to team members and executives alike.

Past/Ongoing projects

Visual and spatial data analysis

Client needed to identify multiple divisions of state power distribution company that most urgently needed performance improvement and that when combined would create contiguous area and also whose population had certain demographic profile. The challenge was how to combine divisional and district data and how to identify divisions forming contiguous area.

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