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Is FRM Worth It

FRM Course Benefits: 5 Strong Reasons Why It Is Worth Your Time!

Risk management is one of the most rapidly developing and challenging occupations in today’s world. Since 2008, companies have actively included risk management as an integral part of their operations. It is now a vital part of the financial world.

Risk analysts are responsible to help investors in making decisions regarding the uncertainties in their investments. If you want to work in risk management, the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification offered by GARP is the first step. Are you unsure whether FRM is worth the time and investment? Continue reading to learn about the advantages of being a FRM.

What are the Benefits of Pursuing FRM Course (GARP)

1. Stand out with FRM

The FRM designations sets you apart from the crowd of risk professionals. Being a FRM holder signifies you possess the unique qualities that an employer seeks. This certification teaches you how to identify and mitigate risks more effectively. Having this credential implies that you have the necessary knowledge and skill set to grasp financial risks and markets.

2. Strong Global Network

GARP has over 150,000 risk professional members spanning across 190+ countries. As a FRM, you have the opportunity to engage with this network and get significant learning and work experience.

3. Get that Salary Hike

If you’re a working risk professional, FRM can significantly add value to your profile. This certification comes with alot of hardwork and sacrifices but the end result is always satisfying. The pay that comes with the designation justifies the time and monetary investment.
Here are some statistics showing the average salary of FRM holders in India, USA and UK:

Country Average Approximate Salary
USA $ 102,000
UK £ 62,000
India ₹ 10,00,000

Following is the individual breakdown of salary of different jobs in India

Job Title Range Average Salary
Risk Analyst ₹236k- ₹2m ₹698,569
Risk Manager ₹221k – ₹3m ₹1,262,675
Associate VP, Market


₹2m – ₹4m ₹2,349,526
Credit Analyst ₹371k – ₹2m ₹1,000,000
Financial Analyst ₹231k – ₹2m ₹601,415
Credit Manager ₹391k – ₹2m ₹802,865

Source: Payscale

4. Make Your CV Valuable

Even if FRM doesn’t guarantee you the job, it really boosts your CV and increases your chances of getting the interview. If you have passed the two exams, that is enough to get shortlisted for your dream job.

Employers usually prefer someone who has cleared FRM examinations for the interview as it indicates that the candidate has required knowledge for the risk analyst post.

Here are some top Banks, Investment Firms and companies that hire FRM in India and abroad:

  • State Bank of India (SBI)
  • Namura
  • Citi Group
  • PWC
  • EY
  • HDFC Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • ICBC
  • China Construction Bank Corporation
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America
  • HSBC Holdings
  • Mizuho Financial Group
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Goldman Sachs

5. Equivalent to Master’s Degree

In most countries, FRM is considered equivalent to a Master’s Degree or higher degree level. As a result, you can save lakhs of rupees spent on prestigious MBA programs because FRM is less expensive than a Master’s Degree.
Here is list of countries where FRM is considered equivalent to higher education:

Country FRM comparable to
UK RQF Level 7
Australia AQF Level 9
Canada OQF Level 12
India Indian Master’s Degree/ NSQF

Level 9

Hong Kong HKQF Level 6
Singapore Singaporean Master’s Degree
South Africa NQF Level 9
Taiwan Taiwanese Master’s Degree
USA US Master’s Degree

Source: International Benchmarking Analysis of FRM and ERP Designations by UK NARIC

Last Notes

So, if you’re still questioning whether FRM is worthwhile or useful in India. My honest answer is yes. Having a FRM certification can open you to plenty of opportunities in the field of finance and even analytics as it is heavier in quantitative thinking and applied statistics too.

It can help you differentiate from the pool of candidates and define your career path. The amount of work and hours put in while preparing for the designation displays your competency, proficiency and discipline to your commitment. It requires you to be focused and determined to achieve this.

Being a FRM holder is not an easy task, but it can be made easier with the right support. We at WallStreet School are here to help you with that.

We hope to see you at WallStreet soon. Goodluck!

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