Due to high number of applications for Investment Banking Jobs, Employers have become stringent in their hiring policies and only a few candidates get shortlisted.

To GET the right job, it is required to first FIND/ SEARCH the right job and this is one of the biggest challenges as the majority of the jobs are filled internally or through references. Hence, it becomes extremely difficult for the candidates to make the first impression in the eyes of the employer. 

As a prerequisite, you should obviously have Financial Modeling as a basic skill on your resume otherwise it’s pretty hard to get a job in Investment Banking.

I will be listing ways to search and apply for a job in the Investment Banking Industry effectively. All the points should be taken into consideration to land your dream job and to get the right salary in your pocket.

Keep a Track of Companies –

Whenever the companies post for any vacancy on public domain, it gives an indication that they are looking to hire somebody on an urgent basis. And, in that case those who have applied firstly, get an advantage in the hiring process. 

As soon as companies get the right candidate, they tend to close the process and fill the job vacancy. 

Hence, it is extremely important for candidates to track the companies and not give any chance to the employer of being missed out. It is required to apply immediately on the hiring websites (Linkedin, Iimjobs etc.) without delay. 

Candidates are required to keep in mind the following points for keeping a track on the companies. These are some very obvious guidelines:

  1. Make an account on the hiring websites like Linkedin, Iimjobs, Naukri etc.  [Very Obvious]
  2. Keep your accounts ready with full background information, contact details, resume and other disclosures which will help you in applying for the companies faster.
  3. Keep a list of companies ready who are working in the Investment Banking domain and follow them on Linkedin.

For the list of Investment Banking companies, please refer to the Blog – List of Investment Banking Companies in India

  1. Keep a check on these portals daily & apply as and when you find the opportunity worthy.
  2. Try to reach out to the HR department of the company immediately via Linkedin or via the company’s website and send an email to the HR separately. This will make your profile reachable to the right personnel at the right time.

Build Connections for getting referrals –

Key to get into Investment Banking is to make connections and try to apply for the job even before others get to apply. It is a harsh reality of the Industry but people who tend to have great connections easily find jobs in the domain as compared to those who have fewer connections.

References help you reach to the employer more effectively and faster than others could reach. References are not easy to make and it requires time and experience to build strong connections. 

However, you can start making connections from the industry even before landing a job by following the below mentioned points:

  1. Build Linkedin Contacts through tracking the targeted companies and finding the right hiring personnel in the company.
  2. You can attend Analyst/ Associate programs of the Big Bulge Bracket companies (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse etc.). Employees give priority to candidates in the hiring process who attended these programs. Google them out!
  3. Keep posting about your relevant certifications to attract the employer’s attention and justify your interest in Investment Banking. I have covered this point in Detail  (With Examples) in my MS Excel For Finance Course.

Resume Building

You should highlight the following points clearly. They are very obvious though, still I would mention them –

  1. Career Objective
  2. Educational Background
  3. Professional Degree/ Certifications
  4. Professional Experience
  5. Excel, Financial Modelling and Valuation proficiency
  6. Other Skills and traits
  7. Professional projects delivered in the past etc.

The last 3 points are very critical and makes the profile more appealing to any employer. All the points should be mentioned in detail in the resume. 

And, it is advisable to always share a cover letter or write a mail body highlighting the summary of the points mentioned above (Point 1 to 7).

Database Preparation and constant follow ups:

Candidates tend to fail in getting the right job as they think that after applying for any job, their task is almost done. However, their task for application is still not done till the time they get any revert from the company whether in the form of a YES or a NO. It’s completely fine to even hear a NO as revert because then you can go back and ponder about your shortfalls.

WHAT IF you don’t get a revert? For the same, you are required to keep a database of each and every company and follow up with them on a regular basis. The database can be prepared on excel sheet and you’re required to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Keep a list of each and every company you have applied so far with the date of application, name of concerned person and the mode of application. (Linkedin, Company website, email etc.)
  2. Keep a column of follow up and try to follow up after every 10 days (Maximum 2 times).
  3. Try to apply for the same profile through various modes rather than sticking to just one mode
  4. If you’ve received a revert from an HR and they haven’t shortlisted you for this round, then revert while asking for feedback and show your dedication that you will improve yourselves and will be appearing for the same profile next time. This makes a strong connection with the company’s personnel.

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By Himanshu Jain

Director at The WallStreet School