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    US CMA Course Overview​

    Best Financial Modeling and Valuation Program

    US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA Course)

    CMA certification is a prestigious accounts and finance course offered by the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). The US CMA course provides the highest level of certification in management accounting that can help you truly build a global career in accounts and finance.

    By pursuing the US CMA course, you become an expert in both financial accounting and strategic management. Not only can you become a part of the elite fraternity but also aim for high-paying and challenging roles ranging from financial controller to Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

    What is the US CMA Course?

    Abbreviated CMA, the USA Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Course provides a globally recognized management accounting degree. It empowers you to support the management with relevant financial information for decision-making.

    The US CMA Course comprises two parts: (100 MCQs and 2 essays each)

    Abbreviated CMA, the USA Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Course provides a globally recognized management accounting degree. It empowers you to support the management with relevant financial information for decision-making. 

    The US CMA Course comprises two parts: (100 MCQs and 2 essays each)

    • Part 1: Financial Reporting, planning, performance analytics, and Control (4 hours)
    • Part 2: Strategic Financial Management (4 hours)

    As a result, it adds the skills like financial analysis, strategic planning, risk management, and decision-making to your Resume. Its global recognition enhances your career prospects in high-paying finance and accounting roles.

    Why US CMA Course?

    Getting into the US CMA course details, you will realize that it has multiple benefits that attract young professionals:

    Job Opportunities after US CMA

    Who doesn’t dream of working in the biggest companies from around the globe? As the US CMA course details the focus on management accounting, you can easily expect high-paying jobs in companies like:

    You can acquire key roles that are related to financial planning, decision-making, analyzing, reporting, risk management, budgeting, project management, financial modeling, etc.

    Average US CMA Salary

    The US CMA course leads your career to the pinnacle of a company. Of course, the earnings and responsibilities grow with experience. At the entry-level, you can expect a salary of INR 5 – 7 LPA in India. But you can expect high-paying jobs as you gain experience (up to INR 15.5 LPA). Here’s a list of salaries for various positions held by CMAs.

    Job TitleSalary (INR)
    Certified Management Accountant2.5 – 24 LPA
    Financial Analyst3 – 8 LPA
    Finance Director8 – 50 LPA
    Senior Financial Analyst3 – 8 LPA
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)2 – 25 LPA
    Financial Controller6 – 33 LPA
    Vice President (VP), Finance15– 50 LPA
    Finance Manager4 – 16 LPA
    Senior Accountant2 – 8 LPA
    Cost Accountant3 – 8 LPA
    Accountant1.5 – 5 LPA
    Senior Finance Manager8 – 25 LPA
    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)9 – 75 LPA

    Comparison Between US CMA and Indian CMA

    The Institute of Cost Accountants in India (ICAI) also conducts the CMA degree course. So why should you choose the US CMA course above it? Consider this table:

    Points of DifferenceUS CMA CourseIndian CMA Course
    SyllabusThe US CMA syllabus focuses more on management accounting to teach decision-makingThe course focuses on cost accounting which is less valuable internationally
    Duration of the CourseThe timeline is flexible and depends on your focus.The duration is fixed for 3 years. Where you have to work compulsorily as a trainee before writing the final exams
    You can easily attempt the test right after graduation
    Start working after getting the degree
    This is counted as work experience for the certification
    Levels and Number of papersThere is only 1 level and you have to appear for 2 papersThere are 3 levels and a total of 20 papers
    Global RecognitionUS CMA Course is recognized in 150+ countriesIndian CMA is not so widely recognized

    Who can Pursue CMA

    Why Choose The Wall Street School for US CMA Coaching

    If you want to become the best, learn from the best! The Wall Street School has brought together the best curriculum to train you for becoming a pioneer CMA. Here’s why you should prepare for the US CMA course with TWSS:

    Placement Assistance

    We provide 100% placement assistance to our CMA students. We’ve a track record of 4,500+ placements in Accounting & Finance Profiles

    Exhaustive Prep Material

    With 250+ Hours of Content per part including HOCK International Study Material and several mock tests, no other preparation is required

    Training By Rankholders

    Our trainers are CA, CIMA and CMA Rankholders with more than a decade of experience in training and mentoring the students of CMA course

    Pass Assurance

    If you commit to us, we make sure to be with you throughout all the failures or doubts whenever they occur, until you clear exams

    Practical Learning Methods

    We make sure you retain the learnings by using practical real life examples so that clearing the exams is a byproduct, learning remains lifelong

    Success based Fees

    We only charge the placement fee when you get placed through us and get accept the offer from our corporate network of 250+ firms

    Skill Based Training

    Our trainers are ex-industry veterans with decades of experience. We train the students with the core practical skills, for getting them job ready

    LMS + App Access

    Our curriculum is available on demand on our LMS which can be accessed through any computer or our apps available on both Android and iOS

    CMA Eligibility

    Anyone who is doing Graduation is eligible to start CMA, US. Although a candidate will get CMA license only after graduation and fulfilling
    other requirements relating to clearing two parts exams and relevant experience of atleast 2 years in Accounting, Finance or Management Accounting. It is meant for the following:

    For Graduates and Post GraduatesFor CA/CS/CMAFor Undergraduates
    From Accredited Colleges (List)From Non-Accredited Colleges
    After completing graduation or post-graduation, CMA can make you climb the corporate ladder faster and get to the topYour degree is evaluated by an independent agency for eligibilityFor professionals, the US CMA course can prepare you to use your expertise to benefit the management decisionsIf you are yet to graduate you can plan well in advance and work hard to get into accredited colleges
    It also adds the professional qualification to your Resume that the college courses lackYour degree and other documents have to be officially emailed by the professional bodyAfter graduation, you can start working for the 2 years experience required for the license along with preparing for the CMA exams
    Your degree and other documents have to be officially emailed by your college  
    What is required to attain CMA Certification?

    Watch CFA Level 1 Related videos on our Youtube Channel

    CMA® (US) Qualification Curriculum

    Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Exams: 2 Parts, 12 Competencies
    Minimum 360 Marks are required out of 500 to clear each part.

    Part 1 : Financial Planning, Performance and Analysis
    4 Hours Exam: 100 MCQs (75% weightage) + 2 Essays 30 minutes each (25% weightage)
    (6 Competencies): 200 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    Applied Knowledge Level (3 Papers): 60 Hours Training + 20 Hours Revision & Practice

    Overview: Business and Technology (BT) Paper is concerned with ensuring efficient, effective and ethical operation of the businesses.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Business organizations – Types, Purposes and Stakeholders
    • How businesses interact with the external environment
    • Organizational Structure
    • Functions and Roles of Corporate Governance
    • Recognizing functions of Accounting, Reporting Systems and Technology
    • Understanding Compliance, Control and Security
    • Leading and Managing Individuals and Teams
    • Understanding personal effectiveness and communications within the teams and organization
    • Expected values and professional ethics in accounting and business

    Overview: Management Accounting (MA) paper introduces elements of management accounting used to support decision making in an organisation.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop knowledge and understanding of management accounting techniques to support management in planning, controlling and monitoring business performance
    • Nature, source and purpose of management information
    • Data Analysis and Statistical Techniques
    • Preparing budgets for planning and controlling
    • Actual costs vs Standard Costs
    • Performance measurement
    • Monitoring business performance
    • Cost Accounting Techniques

    Overview: Financial Accounting(FA) Paper introduces the fundamentals of preparing financial accounts, the regulatory framework around financial statements and the qualitative characteristics of useful financial information. It covers the recording of transactions through to the preparation of the financial statements.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop knowledge and understanding of the basic principles and concepts of financial accounting
    • Technical skills for using double-entry accounting techniques
    • Context and purpose of financial reporting
    • Qualitative characteristics of financial information
    • Recording transactions and events
    • Use of Double entry and accounting systems
    • Preparing trial balance

    Applied Skills Level (6 Papers): 80 Hours Training + 20 Hours Revision & Practice

    • Financial Statements
    • Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure
    • Using keys instead of mouse in excel
    • Sorting Data and using advanced filters to overcome the limitations of filters
    • Cell Freeze, Row Freeze, Column Freeze
    • Using conditional formatting in excel and making the data look more meaty
    • Linkages used for Financial Modeling
    • Simple excel formulas as sum, product, division, multiplications, paste special, oncatenate
    • Vlook Up/H look up usage of data
    • Match Function
    • Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlook +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If
    • CAGR Calculation
    • Transpose function
    • Usage of IF function
    • Table functions
    • Pivot Tables
    • IRR Calculation
    • Cell Referencing
    • Interest functions as EMI calculator,
    • Sum if, Count if, Sumifs
    • SumProduct Functions
    • Multiple usage of Vlook Function
    • Strategic planning
    • Budgeting concepts
    • Forecasting techniques
    • Budget methodologies
    • Annual profit plan and supporting schedules
    • Top-level planning and analysis
    • Cost and variance measures
    • Responsibility centers and reporting segments
    • Performance measures
    • Measurement concepts
    • Costing systems
    • Overhead costs
    • Supply chain management
    • Business process improvement
    • Governance, risk, and compliance
    • System controls and security measures
    • Information systems
    • Data governance
    • Technology-enabled finance transformation
    • Data analytics

    Part 2 : Strategic Financial Management
    4 Hours Exam: 100 MCQs (75% weightage) + 2 Essays 30 minutes each (25% weightage)
    (6 Competencies): 200 Hours Training + 50 Hours Revision & Practice

    • Basic financial statement analysis
    • Financial ratios
    • Profitability analysis
    • Special issues
    • Risk and return
    • Long-term financial management
    • Raising capital
    • Working capital management
    • Corporate restructuring
    • International finance
    • Cost/volume/profit analysis
    • Marginal analysis
    • Pricing
    • Capital budgeting process
    • Capital investment analysis methods
    • Business ethics
    • Ethical considerations for management accounting and financial management professionals
    • Ethical considerations for the organization

    Financial Modeling and Valuations Certification

    Once candidates are through with the FMVA Training, Candidates get certificate from The Wall Street School in Financial Modeling and Valuations. Certification from The Wall Street School is a revered Certificate in the Finance Industry recognized by Many Corporate and Financial Institutions. Sample Certificate is attached for reference

    CMA® (US) Course Duration

    Usually if you start after graduation, it can take anywhere between 6-18 months for preparing and clearing both parts of the CMA exam. But to put it holistically, the US CMA course durationcan be divided into 4 stages

    Duration & Fees for Classroom/Live Batches
    Our CMA Program not only prepares a student for CMA exam but also makes them Job ready by giving training for skills like Financial Modeling, Valuations, Stock Market Research, Excel, etc.
    Fees for Live CMA Training₹ 70,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)
    Fees for Live CMA + Finanical Modeling Training₹ 1,00,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

    Live Classes : Instructor Driven

    • ~150 Hours of Live classes (around 5 months)
    • Access to the learning portal whose validity remains till your exam clearing
    • Saturday and Sunday: 4-5 Hours per day

    Mock Tests and Doubt Solving with Faculties

    Pre Recorded Sessions

      • ~150 Hours of Pre Recorded classes
      • Access to the learning portal whose validity remains till your exam clearing
      • Doubt Solving with Faculties
      Mock Tests and Doubt Solving with Faculties

    CFA Level II (Live Classes Instructor Driven )

    Fees – ₹37,000/-

    Level II (Pre Recorded Sessions)

    • Fees – ₹31,000/- onwards

    The Wallstreet School's

    Placement Assistance Services

    Placement Assistance

    TWSS Provides placement assistance to all the eligible candidates. The candidates who are confident to take up the interviews are facilitated for the interviews.

    We have a success based model. We charge a ‘Placement Success Fees’ of Rs. 75,000 once the candidate gets Placed through us and Accepts the offer.

    Finance Education. Reimagined.

    Trusted by a Hundred Thousand+ Students, Professionals & Leading Organizations

    CFA ® Coaching Fees and Timings

    The program is meant for all candidates seeking to appear for CFA exams conducted by the CFA® Institute in the current or next year.

    Live Classroom / Live Online

    Live Classroom / Live Online (Instructer Led)

    • Saturday and Sunday
    • Morning : 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
    • ~5 Months
    • 180 +Hours
    • Course Fee: Rs 33,000/-

    Self Paced Pre Recorded

    • Plug and Play
    • Watch anytime per convenience
    • 150 +Hours
    • Course Fee: Rs 29500 onwards (depending upon the attempt)

    Learn from Experienced Finance Professionals

    Financial Modeling and Valuations Certification training is conducted by Full Time industry experts who have themselves worked in major Investment Banks, consulting private equity and equity research firms.

    Hear from our students

    Explore firsthand accounts of student experiences. Hear their stories, triumphs, and insights that make our community exceptional. Real voices, real impact.

    As a CA dropout who had interest in finance & want to pursue a career in it but didn’t know where to start with, The Wall street school’s Investment banking program : Financial modeling & Valuation Course was the best choice I made, All the faculties are really professional & the case studies , financial models, valuations we did were as per industry standards, This Course has marked a new beginning to my career as it’s placement helped me get the job role I desired.

    Soumya Jaiswal Placement: USP House - Investment Banking analyst

    I had an exceptional experience at TWSS during my FMV courses. The faculty’s expertise and teaching methods were top-notch, providing a comprehensive understanding of complex financial concepts. One of the highlights was the workshop on valuation techniques, which not only provided valuable insights but also served as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking. TWSS’s placement cell was instrumental in securing placements for many candidates, and their support extended beyond initial placement, which is truly commendable. I am grateful to TWSS for helping me kickstart my career in Investment Banking.

    CA Himanshu Hemant Placement: IAPL-KW Capital Advisors LLP

    TWSS helped me finding the way in the world of finance in which I am having keen interest in learning and exploring the way how things work. It was a great learning experience for me. Every teacher here is experienced and expert in imparting the knowledge to the students, Manoj sir and Himanshu sir were of great help during the course and placement. I am grateful for their support and mentorship.

    Jaspreet Kaur Placement: Infra Advisors, Assistant Manager

    This course was instrumental in securing my placement. It provided a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, practical applications, and industry insights. The hands-on projects enhanced my skills, making me well-prepared for the competitive corporate world. Thank you so much to the team for guidance throughout in navigating the placement process. The team’s insights and support have been invaluable, and I truly appreciate the time and expertise. Grateful for your assistance in shaping my career path. Overall, a highly recommended investment in both knowledge and career advancement.

    Pashmeen Kaur Placement : IDFC First Bank-Credit Analys

    Throughout my journey with TWSS, I have been continuously impressed by the depth and breadth of the curriculum, as well as the dedication and expertise of the instructors. The hands-on approach to learning, combined with real-world case studies and practical exercises, has allowed me to develop a strong foundation in financial modeling and valuation.Moreover, the supportive and collaborative learning environment at TWSS has fostered personal and professional growth, enabling me to challenge myself, expand my horizons, and push the boundaries of my capabilities

    Prajwal R Bharadwaj Placement: Adrasti - Investment Analyst

    My journey with The Wall Street School has been a transformative experience. Through their comprehensive financial modeling and valuation classes, I gained invaluable skills and knowledge that prepared me for the finance industry. Also the placement process is very smooth and transparent. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities and support provided by The Wall Street School.

    Sagar Rana Placement: FAB Analytics - Financial Analyst

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The US-based CMA (Certified Management Accountant) course is a professional certification program offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). It focuses on advanced financial management and management accounting skills. The CMA certification is globally recognized and provides expertise in disciplines like:

    • Financial planning
    • Analysis
    • Control
    • Decision support

    The CMA course covers topics like:

    • Budgeting
    • Performance management
    • Cost management
    • Professional ethics

    Preparing candidates for strategic roles in corporate finance and management accounting is the main goal of The Wall Street School CMA coaching. Join the course now to kickstart your dream career as a CMA.

    IMA puts out elaborate eligibility criteria for the US CMA exams. Here’s a brief glimpse into them:

    For Graduates and Post GraduatesFor CA/CS/CMAFor Undergraduates
    From Accredited Colleges (List)From Non-Accredited Colleges
    You are eligible to apply for the exam. Make sure that your college sends your degree and other documents through an official email to IMA.
    Your eleligibility for CMA is decided by an independent agency appointed by the IMA to evaluate your application.

    You are eligible to apply for the exam. Make sure that your professional body sends your degree and other documents through an official email to IMA.
    You are eligible to prepare for the CMA exams until you graduate.

    To be eligible for the CMA certificate, you need to complete the mandatory 2 years of work experience in the field of finance, accounting, or management accounting.

    Whether you are a graduate, a professional, or an undergraduate, you can join the TWSS CMA coaching to prepare well for your exams. We focus on imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge with our experienced faculties.

    The CMA exam consists of 2 Parts consisting of 6 sections each. You can attempt the exams during 3 test windows, i.e., January|February, May|June, or September|October. As the exam dates are flexible, you should choose a course that can help you prepare for each attempt at your preferred pace. The TWSS CMA coaching provides 18 months of comprehensive training including 500+ hours of study material for both parts. Here is the fee structure of TWSS:

    CMA coaching fees: Rs. 70,000/- (incl. of taxes)

    CMA coaching fees + Financial Modelling Training: 1,00,000/- (incl. of taxes)

    It might be confusing for a beginner to understand the exam pattern of the US CMA exams. Here are the details in a simplified manner:

      • No. of parts & Sections: 2 Parts | 12 sections
      • Passing & Total Marks for each Part: 360 | 500
      • Exam Duration: 4 hours for each part
    • Exam Pattern:
      • 100 MCQs (3 hours | Weightage 75%)
      • 2 Essays (1 hour | Weightage 25%)

    The TWSS CMA coaching guides you to ace your exams by utilizing your schedule optimally. Our extensive training, experienced faculty, mock tests, preparation schedule, and revision notes are extremely helpful for students. Join the TWSS CMA USA coaching now!

    Minimum 10 months and maximum 18 months depending upon the candidate.

    The salary of a US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) in India varies based on factors such as experience, industry, and location. Industries such as finance, manufacturing, and consulting often offer competitive compensation for CMAs. You can expect the following salaries after completing the TWSS CMA coaching and earning the certificate:

    Level of Expertise

    CMA Salary per month (Amount in INR)

    CMA Salary Annual (Amount in INR)


    50,000 – 67,000

    6-8 Lakhs


    83,000 – 1,25,000

    10-15 Lakhs


    2,00,000 & above

    25 Lakhs & above

    As you gain experience and take up more challenging roles in your career, you can expect extraordinary salaries.

    Due to globalization, courses like US CMA which are recognised in 170+ countries have become a requirement in MNCs. India being the favorite country of these companies to operate in, has increased the need & demand of US CMA professionals here.

    The passing rate of US CMA ranges from 40% to 50% globally. This means that this qualification is challenging but still gives you a fair opportunity and chance to clear exams, if you have given your time, efforts, dedication and were persistent in doing so.

    Comparing CMA & CA is difficult as both of them have different focused curriculums. While CMA creates professionals who are experts in disciplines like management accounting, financial planning, business decision-making, etc., CA focuses on making experts in accounting, auditing & taxation. 

    Generally, the curriculum & exams of CA are much more rigorous compared to CMA. Hence, students find CA to be tougher compared to CMA. But, being recognized internationally, CMA provides a much higher potential for career growth.

    As CMA is a global certification, it creates global professionals. Hence, they are employable across the globe. Whether it is an Indian company operating globally or a global company operating in India, CMAs are preferred by both. Here are some of the reasons companies prefer CMA professionals:

    • CMAs are experts in management accounting & decision-making
    • CMAs are trained in Strategic financial management and help a business plan the flow of its finances
    • CMAs can adapt to the diverse business environments in different companies providing flexibility to the companies hiring them

    Being recognised in 170+ countries, the qualification opens the doors of many big opportunities for you. Getting employed in countries like the USA, Canada, European Countries, etc. becomes easier. Even in India, you would be a favorite candidate to hire for many companies like Big 4, consultancy firms, KPOs, etc.

    Points of Difference



    Focused Disciplines

    Management Accounting & Strategic Financial Management

    Complete Business Administration & Management

    Knowledge level


    Jack of all trades


    Catalysts in financial management & decision making

    Managers who conduct the business operations and steer the organization

    Instead of relying on a general rule to make your career choice, you should choose based on your aptitude and preferred role. The TWSS CMA classes are designed to make you an expert CMA professional. By, joining our CMA coaching, you can also test whether you have the aptitude to become a CMA.

    IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) is the worldwide association of accountants and financial professionals in the business. Founded in 1919, we are one of the largest and most respected associations focused exclusively on advancing the management accounting profession.

    IMA is committed to empowering US CMAs. IMA’s vision is to develop, certify, connect, and support the world’s best management accountants and financial professionals in the business. In building successful careers and organizations through CMA abilities, nurturing the capabilities of a US CMA is like an inevitable support pillar to bridge the learner-professional gap.

    US CMA is a two part qualification. Each part have exam in the following manner:

    • 4 hour long exam
    • 100 MCQs (75% weightage) + 2 Essays 30 minutes each (25% weightage)
    • Minimum Passing score: 360 from 500 for each Part
    • Both exams are computer based exams.

    US CMA gives you the expertise in diversified areas, making you eligible to kick start / progress in various profiles. To name a few:


    Management Accounting

    Risk Management

    Financial Management & Treasury

    Financial Reporting

    Budgeting | Forecasting

    Risk Identification & Reporting

    Investment Appraisal

    Fixed Assets Accounting

    Financial Planning & Analysis

    Monitoring Risk

    Cash & Working Capital Management

    Accounts Payable/Receivable, etc.

    Variance Analysis, etc.

    Risk Mitigation, etc.

    Foreign Exchange Management, etc.

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    US CMA cost in India depends upon various factors like whether a candidate is a student or a professional; whether a candidate takes tuition support or not.

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