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CFA - Policy for Refund

For Classroom

If A Candidate Does Not Clear His CFA Level I Exam, He/She Is Entitled To A 100% Fee Refund, Subject To All of the following 3 conditions being fulfilled
Candidate needs to attend at least 25 out of the 27 classes of the workshop
Candidate needs to obtain at least 70% marks in 5 out of the 6 Mock tests to be given in class assignments
Candidate needs to appear for CFA examination. If candidate does not appear for XYZ reasons, there is no fee refund
GST paid on the fee will not be refundable
Any refund after you make the purchase is at the sole discretion of Management.

For Online

If a candidate does not clear his CFA level I exam, candidate is entitled to a 100% fee refund subject to ALL the following conditions being satisfied
Candidate needs to appear for CFA examination. If candidate does not appear for XYZ reasons, there is no fee refund
Candidate needs to clear 2 mock tests which will be given online. They need to upload the screenshot of scores of the online exams provided by TWSS back to us
GST paid on the fee will not be refundable

Questions on fee refund for classroom Classes

What if TWSS gives mock tests which are completely out of syllabus and candidate is not able to clear the mock tests absolving TWSS of the responsibility to refund fee?

All the tests to be given to candidates will be strictly designed on CFA exam pattern. If the candidate proves that less than 90% of the questions in the mock tests were covered in the training workshop, TWSS will accept the students as having passed the mock tests. There is no reason for the candidates to not pass the mock tests if there are attentive during the training and regularly and religiously study what has been taught.

What if candidate is not able to attend the atleast 25 classes (out of 27) because of office engagements/other reasons ?

The only reason TWSS has an audacity to provide a 100% money back guarantee to the candidates in case candidate is not able to clear CFA exams is the quality of training being imparted, hence attendance is a must. Over the last 8 years, having trained more than 7000 candidates in the domain of Financial Modeling and Valuations Program and valuations, TWSS has believed in training through formative assessments. it has been successfully tried and implemented as a practice across the globe and TWSS endorses this concept of training. learning by testing. TWSS backs itself to provide candidates with the right mentoring, right notes, intensive tests so that there is no reason for them to falter or fail in their CFA examination. A lot of internal r&d has gone into designing and devising a curriculum that will ensure successthe entire thought process is based on the premise and assumption that candidate and TWSS have a common goal, of ensuring that candidates clear the CFA Level I exam. TWSS expects candidates to put in as much effort on themselves as much as TWSS will be putting onto them.

What if candidate is not able to clear CFA but still wants TWSS to teach so that candidate clears the exam ?

Once a candidate is a part of TWSS ecosystem, the candidate will be able to repeat the classes without any further fee being charged. candidate is TWSS’s responsibility till the time the candidate does not clear the exam. in that case, candidate may choose to take a 100% refund or continue with the classes without payment of any additional fee

What if TWSS backs out of 100% Fee Refund in case of non clearance and all current promises fall flat ?

To safeguard the interest of both TWSS and the concerned students, TWSS signs a service agreement with all the candidates so that there is no scope of ambiguity. TWSS has always believed in a success based fee structure. Even its flagship 6 weeks program full time Financial Modeling and Valuations Program and investment banking program which is running in its 9th year now has a success based model wherein 60% of the fee is charged only when the candidate gets placed. TWSS is trying to similar thought process in CFA training as well putting the ownership of success as much on the candidate as on itself

Questions on fee refund for online Classes of CFA

How would TWSS assess candidates performance in online vidoes when do not have control over candidates' performance and still provide fee refund on non clearance?

A lot of effort and care has gone into making vidoes for the candidates in such a manner that candidates understand and learn. If candidates are sincere, they will learn and comprehend the course. And be in a position to clear the 2 full scale tests being provided. Clearing the 2 tests is a precondition to be eligibile for refund

Financial Modeling and Valuations Program Program

Do you guarantee Placements in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling and Valuations Program program

The intend of the program is to improve the knowledge and subsequent 'employability' quotient of the candidates. We try to teach the skills required to only clear the interviews but also perform well in the companies once you start working. We do not guarantee you placements. We guarantee you interview calls. And we have the confidence with the learnings you have from the program, there is a high probability of your placements but we do not guarantee placements.

What is this 90 day commitment in full time 6 weeks Program

TWSS has a success based model wherein 60% fee is charged only post placements once candidate accepts offer. TWSS has a commitment of 90 days for the placements. ie, from the day candidate completes workshop till a period of 90 days, if a candidates gets placed, only then the success fee (60%fee) is charged, else not.

Do you provide loan facility for your course

Yes, TWSS has collaborated with 'GyanDhan' , a lending company which provides loan to students at nominal rate of interest. There are many candidates who do not want to burden their parents/spouse/friends with fee. Once the candidates become employed, the gratification level is different.

Why your fee is high as compared to many institutes which provide Financial Modeling and Valuations Program course at almost half the price as yours?

We have had many candidates coming to us after already undertaken training from other institutes. We would encourage the prospective students to compare the course curriculum, content, number of hours of training, credentials of the faculty, reviews, transparency of placements wrt to Live update before making an informed decision wrt your hard earned moneyTraining provided by TWSS is just not a coaching.Training goes beyond just a Financial Modeling and Valuations Program workshop. One of the reasons of TWSS's reasonably good placement record is the magnitude and quality of training being provided. It's like a life time experience wrt to experiential knowledge, networking, liasoning and personal care for the students. We have a robust TWSS ecosystem which you connect to once you are part of that experience with us.

What if I do not get placed. Do I still have to pay the balance 60% fee?

No, TWSS has a success based fee structure. We charge for the services rendered. In case one does not get placed, fee is not charged.

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